Druid Groves


This listing is for all 32 counties. This is not a recommendation, it is purely a list of what is on offer, we do not endorse any druids, group or organisations.

An Cuallacht De Danaan (Fellowship of Danú)
An Cuallacht De Danaan (Fellowship of Danú) is made up of people from diverse backgrounds who participate in the Wheel of the Year ceremonies hels at the Kilkenny Druidry College. Open to all – just bring some food and/or drink to share. Further details: www.kilkennydruidry.com

Shining Web of the Fairy Tree Grove - Co. Carlow
Affiliated to Druid Clan of Dana. This grove was founded in 2006 and is headed by Minette Quick, ArchDruidess. The focus is on Fairy lore and close encounters with beings from the Fairy realm. Based in Tullow. Contact: quick.minette@gmail.com

Solas An Iarthair (Light of the West) - Co. Kerry
Meetings are held privately for full moons and publicly for the 8 festivals of the year. Based in the Dingle Peninsula and Killarney area. Contact info@lukeeastwood.com

Solas Nemed (Grove of Light) - Co. Wexford
Meetings are held monthly usually somewhere in Co. Wexford although other locations are used around the south east. Main focus is working with the land and development of spiritual awareness through working as a group. Contact mattheuswagter@yahoo.ie

The Rose Grove - Co. Laois
Druidic grove affiliated to Druid Clan of Dana. Based at Rosenallis, Co. Laois, run by ArchDruidess Eileen Lawrence. Contact rosemerta@eircom.net

Kestrel Grove - Co. Cork/Kerry
Based on the Cork/Kerry border and we do most of our rituals in either our private homes or in the Pap mountains close-by as we are dedicated to the goddess Danu. New members welcome. Contact seafra.ocathain@gmail.com